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Dr. Timothy Addison

Timothy Addison, PhD
Timothy Addison, PhD

Tim is a research statistician who helps master’s and doctoral students with statistical design (quantitative, qualitative, and mixed methods) and analysis (descriptive and inferential via SPSS). Tim also helps students resolve questions related to the use of statistics in the proposal, data collection, and analysis of quantitative and mixed-methods research.

Tim earned his Ph.D. in Organizational Psychology from Alliant International University. He has taught for the University of Phoenix; the United States Military Academy, West Point, NY; and The Chicago School of Professional Psychology (Irvine and Los Angeles Campuses).

Tim has 20 years of health care experience, including 10 as a civilian and 10 as an active duty service member (rank of Major) within the United States Army Reserves as a Research Psychologist.

Linda Deacon, PhD

Research Statistician, Quantitative Methods

Psychology, Medicine, Nursing, Theology, Sociology

Dissertation Statistician - Dissertation Writing Consultant
Dr. Linda Deacon

Linda Deacon has served as an independent statistical consultant since 1985. She has coordinated the data management and statistical analysis of state and federally funded longitudinal and multi-center research.

She has co-authored several articles published in the fields of medicine and psychology and has assisted in the editing of statistical textbooks and documentation for statistical software.

She has designed and assisted in the development of survey instruments currently in use at various medical centers, universities and county regional centers. She regularly advises doctoral candidates on the formulation, statistical analysis, and interpretation of research hypotheses.

David Henderson, PhD

Academic editing and rewriting

Dr. David Henderson
Dr. David Henderson

David Henderson has built up a distinguished career as an academic editor, APA editor, and academic writing consultant for dissertations and theses.

He has worked with over a hundred graduate students at all stages of the thesis and dissertation writing process and in a wide range of academic disciplines, including education, history, literature, medicine, biology, sociology, and business.

“I can recommend David with the utmost enthusiasm. He stayed with me at every step of the way.” A. Reese

“I loved working with David and felt we developed an instant rapport. He walked me through the whole process, was gracious with his advice, and encouraging with his feedback.” D. Bundy

Sally Jordan, PhD

Graduate School Faculty & Dissertation Committee Chair

Nursing, Social Work, Sociology, Psychology, Marriage and Family Therapy, Education, Technology

Dr. Sally Jordan
Dr. Sally Jordan

Dr. Sally Jordan holds a diploma in nursing, an undergraduate degree in psychology, and a MSW and PhD in social work from The Ohio State University. Dr. Jordan practice critical care and coronary care nursing for 15 years in the hospital settings, and served as a an assistant head nurse, head nurse, and assistant director of nursing education. She also served as a director of nursing agency.

As a social worker, she worked in child welfare investigating child abuse cases. She has been a full time faculty member for over 20 years, and has conducted field research in the areas of homelessness, mental illness, addiction, child welfare, and community partnerships.

Dr. Jordan has chaired over 50 dissertation committees and works closely with students through the dissertation process, providing frequent and detailed feedback for improved academic writing. Committed to mentoring students into independent scholars, her greatest joy is calling a former student, “Dr. _________(fill in the blank with your name).

Jeff Karon, PhD

Dissertation Editor & Rewriting Specialist

Dr. Jeff Karon
Dr. Jeff Karon

Dr. Jeff Karon is an English professor who has taught linguistics, philosophy, and logic. His Ph.D. is in English with a specialization in Composition and Rhetoric.

He is experienced at helping students from around the world for whom English is a second language (ESL) and has taught and trained thousands of traditional and nontraditional students.

“Not only was the quality of his work outstanding, his enthusiasm about creative writing and his encouragement carried me through very difficult times at the end of my program.” L. Macaluso, PhD

Kathleen Locke

Dissertation Editor & Rewriting Specialist

Dr. Kathleen Locke
Dr. Kathleen Locke

Kathleen Locke has proven expertise in English language editing and style guide formatting, including APA, Harvard, Chicago, and MLA. She has worked in the academic industry for the past 15 years and brings experience working with students on a variety of projects.

Her background is eclectic with editing experience across multiple disciplines and topics. She has worked with both graduate students and professors to improve their writing skills, with over 1,000 documents edited to date.

She has previously acted as a peer reviewer for Qualitative Health Research/ Sage Publications, revue phénEPS-PHEnex/ Physical and Health Education Canada, and Illuminare/ Indiana University.

Janine Morris, PhD

Quantitative Research Statistician

Public Health, Autism Spectrum Disorders, Developmental Disabilities

Dr. Janine Morris
Dr. Janine Morris

Dr. Janine Morris received her M.S. in statistics from Stanford University and her Ph.D. in health services research from Boston University.

Janine’s primary areas of expertise include study design, research methods, analysis of complex survey data, analysis of large population databases (i.e. NHANES, MEPS, NHIS, BRFSS, YRBS), mixed modeling for clustered and hierarchical data, and generalized estimating equations for repeated measures analysis.

She is also highly skilled in t tests, ANOVA, linear regression, generalized linear models (i.e. logistic regression, multinomial logistic regression, Poisson regression, negative binomial regression), Bland Altman analysis, and interrupted time series analysis. Janine has advance programming skills, as well as current software licenses, in SAS and STATA. She also has extensive programming experience in R.

Richard Pollard, PhD

Dean of Academic Affairs
Dean of Business and Management

Psychology, Sociology, Management, Leadership, Organization Development, Organizational Behavior, Cross-Cultural Management/International Business, Research Methods

dissertation advisor and statistician Richard Pollard
Dr. Richard Pollard

Richard Pollard (Ph.D., Harvard University) has held professorships at Northeastern University, University of Arizona, and Lewis & Clark College. He has served as chair or reader on numerous doctoral dissertations in management, organizational development, leadership, nursing, homeland security, and social/environmental sustainability.

He designed the doctoral programs at Colorado Technical University and served as the founding Chancellor of CTU’s Institute for Advanced Studies, where he oversaw all dissertation chairs and readers. He has taught statistics and research methods at all levels from undergraduate through doctoral.

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