Kathleen Locke

Kathleen Locke

Kathleen Locke’s degree is from the Faculty of Applied Health Sciences (University of Waterloo) with a focus on disability studies. She is a collaborative senior editor with 15 years of experience helping students polish their research proposals, theses, and dissertations using Harvard, Chicago, MLA, and APA formats.

She has worked with non-native English speakers from all over the world, including Europe, Asia, and the Middle East. She rigorously meets demands for clarity, accuracy, completeness, consistency, and grammatical correctness. She provides line, mechanical, and integrity editing for dissertations, working papers, scientific research papers, reports, journal articles, and graduate school applications.

Kathleen understands the stress of graduate studies and takes a constructive approach when assisting students. She always offers suggestions to guide the students she works with to achieve the best final product by focusing on the following:

-APA formatting (e.g., spacing, page numbers, section headings, figure and table styles)
-improving the tone of scholarly writing
-ensuring proper grammar, spelling, and abbreviation use
-matching style guides for citations/reference list and number format
-improving clarity and conciseness of language (e.g., reducing repetition and redundancy, word choice)

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