Q: I’m thinking of using a thesis or dissertation consultant listed on this site. What steps are involved?

A: Use our submission form to describe, as best you can, the entire scope of your project. If you have started the writing phase, attach your completed material (without large graphics). Forward your college/university’s list of requirements.

Available consultants will contact you to discuss your needs. Once you decide on your consultant, the two of you will map out a strategy to complete your project.

Q: How do you assess the fee?

A: It’s not possible to provide a quote without knowing more about the scope of your needs and seeing your research and writing ability. That’s why the first step is always the submission process. The review of your submission and price quotes are free.

Q: Where are your consultants located?

All of our consultants are native English speakers who live and work in the United States.

Q: How do I make payments?

A: Check with your consultant for payment options.

Q: Can I select my writing consultant or proofreader from the list?

A. Yes, but you can always ask the coordinator for help with the selection process. If you need help contact us here.

Q. How long does it take to get a response?

A. Our goal is 3 hours if you sent your submission between 9a and 5p, US Central Time. Text 682-747-6999 with your name and email address if you do not have a reply within that time frame.

Q: Do you use a written agreement?

A: The consultant you select will provide you with a short service agreement that outlines the scope of work, service limitations (e.g., ghostwriting), the cost of services, and payment terms.

Q: If I am dissatisfied with my consultant what options are available to me?

A: This rarely occurs because you will be choosing your consultant based on e-mail and/or phone interviews. Along with subject expertise, you want a consultant with whom you communicate comfortably.

We recommend that you work in increments (e.g., sections, chapters) that are outlined in the service agreement. We want the entire relationship to run smoothly from start to finish. If you want to sever the relationship with your consultant, you may do (every agreement has a termination clause). Remember: Your agreement is with your consultant and not with the network as a whole or its coordinator.

Q: Is obtaining editorial help during the writing process ethical?

A: All professional writers–no matter what their level of skill–use the impartial observations of writers, editors and topic consultants to enhance the quality of their work and the clarity of their expression. Having work edited by professionals can also be instructive, helping writers to better understand their audience and how to be an effective communicator. In the end, the consulting arrangement is designed to make you a better writer.

It’s an unfortunate truth that some faculty members do not fully meet their advising obligations and may not be routinely accessible to their students. With decreased funding to universities and increased course loads and students, many professors can no longer devote the time necessary to provide the graduate student with individual editing or thesis/dissertation development advice. Non-credit dissertation and thesis writing courses offered by many departments offer the graduate student even less concrete and practical assistance. In some cases, the student/faculty interaction does not work out as well as expected.

Many college/university advisors will suggest that you obtain an editor to polish the narrative portion of your thesis or dissertation. If you are uncertain about your university’s policies concerning the use of outside editing/consulting assistance, please ask your supervising professor. Many graduate schools and faculty members recommend us to their students based on the quality of our consultants and our ethical guidelines.

We are not a paper mill; we do not sell ready-made or “custom” papers. This consulting network was formed to provide an ethical option to graduate students.

You and your consultant will work together to produce a work centered on your ideas, your data, your perspectives, and your conclusions–in other words, a work that is truly yours. We will advise, edit, and help rewrite portions when you are struggling to express your ideas.

Q: Do the professors provide proofreading (e.g., typos) and formatting services?

No. The advisors are professors and consultants in the posted fields. Their focus is on getting your thesis or dissertation approved by your committee.

Academic formatting/proofreading is a niche of its own. This network includes specialized thesis and dissertation editors with 10+ years of academic editing experience. Proofreading and formatting is the final step before your thesis or dissertation goes to your graduate school for approval. Along with APA, Chicago, and MLA expertise, this elite group of academic editors specializes in formatting theses and dissertations per university style guidelines.

Remember: It is not the job of your committee to copyedit or format your thesis or dissertation.

Our reputation is well known and well earned. Many of our students are direct referrals from university faculty/grad schools.

Q: What turnaround time can I expect?

A: This obviously depends on the amount of input required by your consultant, as well as doing your part, as needed, on a timely basis. This is a collaborative effort. Your work will be delayed if the consultant is waiting for you to send materials for review, or is waiting for your response to edited material. Please be as accurate as possible in representing the full scope of your project.

Q: What is the policy concerning confidentiality?

A: Your submissions are confidential. We do not share or distribute client information, and we certainly do not sell, share, or distribute your research to businesses that sell theses and dissertations. A confidentiality statement should be part of the written agreement provided by your consultant before the work arrangement begins.

Q: Where do I send my questions or comments?

A: You may contact us with questions or comments here.