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Dissertation help. Feedback from our graduate students.

Carol was exceptionally diligent in her work. She was in constant contact with me over the time she was working on my paper and finished the work several days ahead of schedule. She paid great attention to detail, catching a couple redundancies I had missed, as well as some inconsistencies, which were beyond the scope of the APA compliance I was looking for.

Carol helped to save me from being let go from this program.  She is one the best I have ever worked with.  Carol kept in contact with me throughout the whole process and always reassured me when I was having doubts about my work.  Thanks to her my professor was very happy with my chapter two and I can move forward in completing chapters 1 and 3.  I had looked for a good editor who was trustworthy.  I found a excellent editor who I intend to work with again.

Thank you again SOOO Much for all your help! You are an AMAZING tutor and I’m jealous of the students who get to be in your class. I really appreciate you alwalynys being so flexible with my crazy work schedule. I will be starting nurse anesthesia school the middle of January.

Very polite, easygoing, and professionally competent consultant.

Guess what???!!!! I got an A in Biostatistics!!! HAHA! Can you believe it??!!! AN A!!! Course, I didn’t learn anything in that class except for what YOU taught me…but I got an A none-the-less! I wanted you to know!

I am impressed with this network. I wasn’t expecting such quick response.

After having used other editorial services, those offered by this site were what I hoped all the others had been.

I cannot commend the network highly enough for the level of professionalism and customer service of its associates.

Jeff Karon was a good fit for my project. Jeff did exactly what I asked him to do to my manuscript, in a timely manner. He brought a fresh perspective, was easy to talk to, and is comfortable addressing different types of writing, and different levels of the editing process.

I am very satisfied with Dr. Karon’s work. Maybe most noteworthy, he clearly understood the content of the article, which is not at all self-evident and was very helpful. I accepted practically all of his changes to the article.

I contracted Dr. Jeff Karon to copy edit my doctoral dissertation on philosophy and ethics. Not only was the quality of his work outstanding, his enthusiasm about creative writing and his encouragement carried me through very difficult times at the end of my program. I truly appreciated his comments and suggestions, many of which I will continue to work with as I am preparing a manuscript from my dissertation to be published as a book. Without reservation, Dr. Karon has my highest recommendations. He showed me how beautiful written language can be and reinvigorated in me the writing spirit that I had nearly lost in the strategic aspects of the dissertation process. It was a perfect fit both in terms of the topic and personality.

Holly is a great editing consultant. I was impressed and interested in working with her from the very moment I read her bios, works and testimony from other scholars around the world. My proposal was completed even before the submission date. She really took her time to point out areas of improvement. I will surely refer her to all my colleagues.

Holly was exceptional!  Her responsiveness and attentiveness to my written requirements was truly commendable.  The challenges of completing a comprehensive dissertation can be overwhelming; however, soliciting the quality skills and services such as those provided by Holly are worth the expense.Words simply cannot express how much the assistance provided by Holly benefited me in this advanced studies process.

My paper’s numerous and long citations had to be transformed from meeting MLA specifications to meeting those of The Chicago Manual of Style. Holly exceeded my high expectations; she did a complete, accurate, and all-around fabulous, job, within the requested timeframe.  I received great value for my money.

For me, looking for a copyeditor to work on my book–which was the result of four years of intense research–was not a matter that I could take lightly. My work was a rather special case, as it dealt with very different subjects, such as science and technology, medicine, drug discovery and development, business management and public policy. So, it was very difficult to find (and trust) someone who would feel comfortably enough working in this particular book and who would do the job well. In addition to this, the copyeditor needed to deal with the fact that the book deals with a controversial subject matter, namely the high cost of medicines, and was not written by a native English speaker, but by someone who came from a different culture with very different values. Then, Lynda Lotman, from the Book Editing Associates network, recommended Holly. In the beginning, I was very hesitant to hire Holly’s services, because I had not spoken with her in person, despite the fact that I was very impressed with her credentials and presentation. But once I spoke with her over the phone, I just ‘felt’ that she was the right person to work with…and I was not mistaken! Holly did an excellent job with my book, and helped me to make it a finer work. There were passages in the book that seemed too long, and I was afraid the reader would get lost, but Holly helped me solve this problem by inserting some headings and polishing up some long paragraphs. She also made some very important criticisms (and suggestions) as a reader, which helped me to transmit to the reader what I wanted to say in a much clearer and effective manner. She also helped me greatly with the book proposal and was very patient and helpful throughout the process. I cannot but speak very highly about Holly’s work and her outstanding skills and professionalism. I will certainly be very happy to hire her services in the future and recommend her to anyone. As Ms. Lotman said: Holly is the whole package!

Holly was professional and very easy to work with. Thanks for hooking me up with her.

Excellent and detailed – the work and explanation was done timely and on a professional level – a job well worth it and the knowledge and expertise was valued highly.

Excellent communication. Work returned quickly. Editing thorough and easy to understand. Have already recommended the network to a student needing an editor for her dissertation.

Hiring a professional to do this work was one of the most difficult processes I have encountered in a long time. I usually find it fairly easy to hire for professional services, but this was a new experience. Along the way, I had people say they knew APA, and probably believed they did, but made such errors as revising all the verbs to present tense on a sample edit. Holly was a true professional from the outset and remained that way through the project. We probably exchanged less than 5 emails through the process, and my project was completed. If you are an overwhelmed student who needs professional assistance in preparing your manuscript, definitely contact Holly. She delivered professional work, but most important was that she understood my needs as a novice client. Holly produced what I needed even though I was not sure of the exact services required. Thank you.

I cannot thank you enough for Holly. We had an 83,000 word book that needed technical formatting in an extremely short time frame. Even though Holly was in the midst of other projects, she not only provided the formatting, but copyedited two important chapters as well. Our publisher insisted the book strictly conform to Chicago Manual V15, and within minutes of our first conversation, it was clear that Holly practically knew the style guide by heart. Her work was impeccable and everything came back early. I wish I had found her a month earlier so she could have copyedited the entire book. I cannot say enough about her editing skills and customer service.

Holly delivered on every deadline and on every part of my MBA Capstone needs. (This was for Pepperdine University, Malibu, CA.) She is the 2nd editor I used on this project and the difference was night and day. She was fantastic and I appreciate everything she did for me.

Holly was wonderful! I had a very quick deadline and she worked with me to finish the project within the period I needed. She made the tables and figures in my document look great and made some excellent suggestions in my writing. I am very pleased with this service.

Holly was FANTASTIC. She was SO thorough and submitted everything back to me earlier than I needed it! Even after she was done with the edit, I had some questions, and she was very speedy in her responses. I appreciate that she took time to answer my questions. She really went above and beyond! My paper not only needed to follow APA guidelines, but my university had guidelines as well. She did both perfectly.

Like any other scholar, I was very reluctant to say ‘I need help,’ and I needed help! My scientific paper needed reorganization and editing, and I was having a lot of problems. I was very impressed with Holly from the first moment. She presented a physics equation in such a natural way that I thought she had a Ph.D. in physics; I thought she was reviewing my paper and checking the math! Holly exceeded my expectations of the client-provider relationship, and she took care of the most important things such as maintaining meaning in the context of the paragraphs and elegance in presentation with easy flow, while developing the composition. I can go on and on, but I only want to say that I certainly will use Holly’s services in the future.

Holly is a consummate professional. My project involved the editing and formatting of a submission for an academic journal. It was completed almost 3 weeks ahead of my original schedule! Great editing skills, and a thorough knowledge of style requirements. It’s refreshing to find someone who does quality work like this. Thanks, Holly!

I am extremely happy with the services I received from Dr. Andrews. She was very patient with me. She explained things in small steps, gave examples, valuable tips, and gave clear instructions. She discovered quickly the challenges I had with my data. She understood that I was a beginner using the SPSS program and the statistic tests. She always had encouraging words to motivate me to go on.

Rebecca was kind and considerate, yet the utmost professional.  Any questions or concerns were answered promptly.  Her expertise and experience is displayed in her work.  I am very satisfied with the outcome of my project and would recommend Dr. Andrews to anyone searching for professional guidance.  If I ever need help with future projects, I will contact her.  I just feel really comfortable working with her.

Dr. Andrews was very professional and patient with me during my tutoring sessions.  She was able to explain the concepts in a way that I understood.  She was very prompt in responding back to my emails.  I would recommend her for anyone who needs assistance in quantitative statistics.

“Victoria was incredibly responsive and helpful, clearly explaining what we needed to do and what she did for us. She was fantastic.”

“Victoria was so helpful. She responded quickly to all of my questions. For example, she assisted me with responding to an IRB question requesting a formal power analysis. With Victoria’s help, I had approval to proceed with my data collection in a matter of hours after I submitted my response.”