Dr. David Henderson

Academic editing (especially in Political Science, Film Studies, English Literature, U.S. History)

David Henderson has built up a distinguished career as an academic editor, APA editor, and academic writing consultant for dissertations and theses.

After earning his master’s degree in Journalism at Northwestern University, he worked for an academic press and later for a major publishing house.

He has worked with over a hundred graduate students at all stages of the thesis and dissertation writing process and in a wide range of academic disciplines, including education, history, literature, medicine, biology, sociology, and business. This experience has also made him a specialist in APA formatting, which is another service he offers to graduate students—native and non-native English speakers—who are writing theses, dissertations, or capstone projects.

In addition to an eagle-eyed ability to spot errors of mechanics and a thorough comprehension of even the most arcane points of grammar, David relishes the process of working with the graduate student to get at the substantive components of a scholarly work and finding ways to make those parts cohere into a functional, unified whole.

Being an effective thesis and dissertation editor often necessitates being an educator of sorts, especially when working with less experienced academic writers. Hence, David helps students understand the craft of scholarly writing as well as the editorial changes made to the document. He has found this approach to be effective for producing polished works of scholarly writing.

David has assisted scholars by:

  • Consulting on topic selection and question development
  • Providing guidance on how to improve organization and flow of ideas
  • Helping students streamline their essays by reducing wordiness, rewriting content to make it clearer and more succinct, and cutting redundant or repetitive text
  • Conducting a literature review and applying the literature to one’s own research
  • Clarifying research questions and articulating problem statements
  • Devising a methodology that is suited to the research and precisely, thoroughly explaining that methodology in the dissertation
  • Rewriting content to imbue the text with a stronger, more professional academic style
  • Helping scholars with the heart of the dissertation: synthesizing the findings and developing the Discussion, Analysis, and Conclusions and Recommendations sections
  • Ensuring compliance with APA guidelines, including citations, figure/table formatting, table of contents and headings, reference list, and other style guide requirements
  • Conducting general proofreading and copy editing

Editor Reviews

“Even among a team of highly proficient editors at the publishing house where I supervised him, David distinguished himself through his dedication, thoroughness, and genuine concern for each and every project that came across his desk. I know that he understands the value and power of the written word and also values the unique talents and perspective of each author – this concern shows in his editing work. I trust him enough that I would hire him to edit my own book.” – Max Grigorev

“David’s professionalism is obvious, based solely on the thoroughness of his editing work. Not only does he take the time to prepare the best manuscript possible, but he also pays attention to the particulars of the story. When he makes a suggestion, it’s proof that he’s treating the work as both an editor and a reader.” – Jason Garrett, author of Troubled Souls (“Best Horror” Winner of the 2013 National Indie Excellence Awards and Winner of the 2013 Beverly Hills Book Award)

“David Henderson was another editor who helped me with multiple edits of the manuscript. He inspired me to open up more in my expressions and better articulate to readers the reality of my life experience that I was sharing with them. I found that as we worked together I felt more confident about my writing. As a result, my story was able to become even richer in depth, much like a piece of art.” – Samantha Michael, author of The Beauty of My Shadow

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