Thesis and Dissertation Services

Our thesis and dissertation services help students jump over hurdles and graduate on time.


Graduate students who work with us find:

They are done with their thesis or dissertation sooner, which saves them time, tuition costs and hassle.

They are better prepared and confident when they meet with their advisor and committee.

They are less stressed because they are now more organized.

Their committee has them make fewer revisions.

Get your thesis or dissertation done sooner by learning techniques that help you:

Improve your weekly productivity.

Create a step-by-step plan to keep yourself organized.

Keep yourself motivated during the long thesis or dissertation writing process.

Avoid making the project bigger than it needs to be.

Overcome writer’s block.

Have a smoother working relationship with your committee.

Use different strategies to simplify each step of the thesis or dissertation research process.

Getting Started

Do you need to formulate an important and relevant research question?

Do you need some help finding and reviewing research for your thesis or dissertation topic?


Do you have the content but need help structuring your ideas?

Have you completed the research but need a thesis or dissertation editor or writing coach to review the narrative?


Is English your second language? Are you struggling to write for an English-speaking university?

Are you returning to school after a lengthy absence? Need help with writing in academic style?

Do you need to fine-tune the language and improve your expression?

Statistics & Data Analysis

Do you need help selecting the appropriate statistics to test your hypotheses?

Do you need help developing appropriate measures for your study?

Would you like help with data handling?

Would you like help interpreting your statistical output and formulating conclusions?

Would you like help designing a survey or questionnaire?

Would you like help in preparing tables and graphs for your report?

Need help using SAS, SPSS, Statistica, and Excel?

Jumping Over Hurdles

Was your proposal, thesis, or dissertation rejected?

Do you need help interpreting and implementing the comments you received from your thesis or dissertation reviewers?

Are you unable to decipher the requirements and procedures of your institution?

Would you like help as you prepare for your thesis or dissertation defense?

Publishing Your Research

Do you need help converting your thesis or dissertation into a clearly written book that highlights your research?