Dissertation Editor for Education, Psychology and Sociology Topics

Dissertation Editor for Education, Psychology and Sociology Topics

mixed methods research statisticianDr. Richard Oaks studied psychology and sociology at Harvard, received his Ph.D. in clinical psychology from Michigan, then did two post-doctoral fellowships at Yale. Since then he has taught many courses on research methods, including a doctoral level course in quantitative research design, statistics, and SPSS. Students in this class—most of whom were initially uncomfortable with math—appreciated his ability to explain statistical concepts in clear, simple terms, without the use of complex mathematical equations. Rick can help you:

  • turn your initial, informal ideas into statistically testable hypotheses
  • design questionnaires that are likely to produce statistically significant results
  • analyze the data and report the results
  • discuss, in your dissertation, the larger implications of these results for theory or policy

Most important, he can teach you how to analyze the data yourself, so that your dissertation will clearly be your own work, not the work of a statistics consultant.



Chapter 4 is approved!!!! Woot woot!!!!” – PhD student

“Rick, Dr. M would like me to continue working with you. He also would like me to recommend you to two other students who are having extreme difficulty in getting their literature reviews approved. My sincere thanks.” – Cheryl

“I would not have graduated if it were not for Rick’s help. He was incredibly patient and gave a lot of advice. He also displayed a vast knowledge of not only statistical principles, but also the proper structure and execution of my participant survey and final thesis write-up.” – J. Aslinger