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Deb clearly sees her role as one of a collaborator and does not hesitate to make the investment of time and attention-to-detail necessary to provide quality work. I learned a great deal from her through the course of our collaboration together. She taught me a great deal about how to look more critically at my own work and how to improve upon what I have written through concise wording and careful reconstruction of material.

I am very satisfied with the editing services that I received from Dr. Val Gerard. Especially wonderful was the fact that her area of expertise is an area that I’m researching. I have a lot of respect for her as a scientist, and also now as an editor. I was very comfortable accepting her suggestions for my manuscript. She was always prompt with her responses, and genuinely interested in my work. I would very much like to use her as a consultant once again.

Just to let you know that I passed the oral defense last night. I felt like a mountain has been removed from my chest and I got my freedom back. I want to thank you for your time and guidance. You saved me a lot of time and efforts. Frankly speaking, I thought of dropping the program several times, but you gave me a hope to continue and I am glad that I listened to your advise. Thank you again and season greeting from Cyprus.

I have used other proofreading services before, but they are not comparable with the work done by Dr. Val Gerard. It was outstanding. I will strongly recommend her to other colleagues that are working with us.

I did it! I passed! It was an unconditional pass from all faculty members!  The head of my department said it was one of the top 3 defenses he has ever seen and probably one of the most professional presentations ever… and he has been doing this for over 20 years!!!  Talk about feeling good!!!! I am so very happy!!!

Val has been a great asset for my academic career. She asks smart questions about the data presented with such thoughtful insight that is like a reviewer. In addition, she responds very fast, so I can always count with her help. I consider her as part of my team, as now she plays a very important role. My ability to communicate has improved also, as a result of her comments to my writings. I have already recommended her to my colleagues!”

Everything has been closed off and I have formally graduated. No real changes that needed your attention. I just wanted to say a big thank you for all your help and support over this journey. I very much appreciated your help and encouragement. I found your insights invaluable not only in editing my paper but in helping me navigate the complexities of the process.

Val provides express and professional service that is worth using. She made my work better, clearer, and truer.

I can’t tell you how great this experience has been or how much I appreciate the time and personal attention you have shown to me. You happened to come along at a lull in my self confidence, confidence I truly need in order to go out there and keep plugging away. I could feel that you genuinely cared and wished me well. I feel that I have not only gained an editor, but a mentor, teacher, and partner in my future writing success. I never planned on that, but sometimes the best things to come along are the ones we don’t plan. I fully intend on working with you again and would highly recommend you and your services to anyone.

DONE!!! The paperwork is signed and submitted, the after-defense party has been held, and I am feeling very good!!! As far as congratulations go – you deserve MUCH credit. Thank you once again, Val. That mock defense was incredibly helpful, as at least 2 questions were nearly word-for-word! Your assistance with the talk was also of great benefit, as [my advisor] said that it was one of the best defense presentations he had ever witnessed! I can put this project on the ‘finally finished’ pile. Your help in all this has been pivotal. I will never forget it. I have never—in my life—ever—received such targeted, useful professional advice, and productive feedback. It has been a true pleasure working with you, and learning a new way of writing and putting together a scientific story. ‘Thank you’ are words that seem so small, as they stand against the great sense of honor and gratitude I hold for you within. Please know, Val, that I am very thankful – for your patient and technically excellent work has helped to bring freedom of mind, that in turn is already opening new and exciting avenues to my life. As you have taught me much and brought much good into my life, I hope to use what I have learned to bring much good into the lives of others.

I thought pursuing a PhD included a ‘hazing process.’ The more the world world acknowledged [my daughter’s] work the less her chair was supportive, eventually becoming disrespectful. I knew there was a serious problem when the chair strictly prohibited her from communicating with any of her other committee members. There were other professional boundaries crossed that I will not relate, but were utterly unacceptable in this day and age. We were told her chair could deny her the degree after all these years of work. Now we know this accomplishment would not have happened without you. God has given you a gift, and I believe He sent you to [my daughter] at just the right moment. The result speaks for itself. I think you gave her the courage to say enough was enough and, for whatever reason, her chair resigned. The new chair was incredible and 6 weeks later…it’s all over. The honor and respect you bestowed on her, and the experience she had at her defense, covered a multitude of painful experiences. Thank you for showing her the simple gift of kindness and respect coupled with affirmation of a job well done.

Thanks Val, I could never have ventured to this point without all of your kind words and great editing skills. I really appreciate all of your help from the bottom of my heart.

The network provided fast and user-friendly on-line navigation for me to locate Dr. Gary Michaels who matched my project’s discipline and specific editing skills to strengthen my final document. Dr. Michaels was accessible, professional, supportive and most importantly, delivered a final product that my Chair accepted upon its first review! Thank you Dr. Michaels for your pivotal role in my professional career and our family’s future! Truly grateful and blessed!

I finished making the suggested revisions to the first three chapters of my thesis. Thank you very much for your insightful help…I was extremely happy with the document when I reread it after the editing process. I also feel that I can now identify some of my reoccurring flaws in my writing. Thank you again and all the best.

Carol was exceptionally diligent in her work. She was in constant contact with me over the time she was working on my paper and finished the work several days ahead of schedule. She paid great attention to detail, catching a couple redundancies I had missed, as well as some inconsistencies, which were beyond the scope of the APA compliance I was looking for.

I was extremely reticent to put my dissertation manuscript in the hands of an editor that I didn’t even know. However, Valerie was superb! She helped me to order my dissertation in a clear and concise manuscript that was not only easier to read but also sharper and very well organized. Since the beginning she answered all my questions making the whole process a good experience. She works fast and is very competent. After several revisions from my advisor I was thinking that my manuscript was in good shape, but Valerie’s input make it so much better. I also learned about writing thanks to her advice during the editing. Without a doubt, her dedication saved me from hours of senseless self-editing and frustration.

Carol helped to save me from being let go from this program.  She is one the best I have ever worked with.  Carol kept in contact with me throughout the whole process and always reassured me when I was having doubts about my work.  Thanks to her my professor was very happy with my chapter two and I can move forward in completing chapters 1 and 3.  I had looked for a good editor who was trustworthy.  I found a excellent editor who I intend to work with again.

Thank you so much for your help on this project. I’m sure other people don’t drag things out this much but I wouldn’t have ever finished this without your help.

Nancy did an excellent job reviewing my DBA dissertation. Her work was thorough and timely. I was really impressed with the final outcome. Great job!

Val was not only a meticulous editor, she was an exemplary instructor who carefully demonstrated the differences between writing for literary and scientific audiences. She provided clear, kind, and encouraging feedback very promptly, and she kept lines of communication open so I knew what to expect and when. If only more professors were like her! Highly recommended

I passed my defense and the committee commented on the ‘top notch’ APA formatting!!

I just wanted to share with you that my dissertation has been approved and I have passed my defense with my committee. Thanks for all of your help.

Thank you for all your excellent work. . . .You’re wonderful, it has been a pleasure working with you.

Nancy was great, from start to finish! Perfect, superfast, thank you! When I was getting quotes from a number of different editors, Nancy responded promptly and thoroughly, and within no time at all she was editing my Dissertation and had it back to me on time. When I received the document back, she gave me little pointers about common mistakes in my writing that I tended to make that I can certainly apply to my future work. Great and thorough feedback and reviews!! I appreciate it so much!! Her work was invaluable, I am nothing but pleased. I’ve already referred her to several of my colleagues!

Thanks again for your expertise and for helping me see this to the end. . . . You’re a master!

I am going to cry. Seriously this is beautiful and you’ve really helped me more than you know. Thank you for sharing your amazing talents. I’m teary-eyed. It’s been such a struggle and your work was worth every penny. I’m only a fraction of the way through and I am amazed.

Nancy was unbelievably fast in her work. Her knowledge of APA is beyond any other I’ve seen. She is a master of APA and of the English language. I would recommend her to anyone needing editing. I cannot thank her enough!

Thank you again SOOO Much for all your help! You are an AMAZING tutor and I’m jealous of the students who get to be in your class. I really appreciate you alwalynys being so flexible with my crazy work schedule. I will be starting nurse anesthesia school the middle of January.

Very polite, easygoing, and professionally competent consultant.

Guess what???!!!! I got an A in Biostatistics!!! HAHA! Can you believe it??!!! AN A!!! Course, I didn’t learn anything in that class except for what YOU taught me…but I got an A none-the-less! I wanted you to know!

I am impressed with this network. I wasn’t expecting such quick response.

I am very grateful for the indispensable service provided in such short notice. This was what made the difference between my graduation this Spring as opposed to next fall. I would highly recommend this service to any who may be in such need.

After having used other editorial services, those offered by this site were what I hoped all the others had been.

I have finally had time to carefully read through your writing for my brochure. Thank you so much for the thoughtful reworking of my ideas. I am so glad to know you, and I will certainly contact you in the future for your excellent and sensitive skills. Warmest regards and much appreciation.

I cannot commend the network highly enough for the level of professionalism and customer service of its associates.

Practically everyone who sees my portfolio comments on your great copy. I will continue to recommend your work above all others and will send you any future projects I may have.

Everything looks wonderful. It is worth it to pay someone who really knows what they are doing. I will be sure to use you for future projects and recommend you to other aspiring writers. Thanks a million.

I finished reading the manuscript already, and I love the rewrite! I am glad I chose you as an editor. You really made me laugh in several places! I can tell you definitely understand what I am trying to do in this work. I am quite impressed!

Thank you for your speedy response and for all your help with my NIH proposal. I have looked at the edited manuscript, and it is very good. I will send my future work to you, and I will definitely refer your excellent services to my colleagues.

The reworked material has a much better flow and clarity. It is wonderful to see the great improvement in the manuscript and to feel it all coming together. Thank you so much for your talent and hard work. Your editing makes such a positive difference and I am most appreciative of it. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Jeff Karon was a good fit for my project. Jeff did exactly what I asked him to do to my manuscript, in a timely manner. He brought a fresh perspective, was easy to talk to, and is comfortable addressing different types of writing, and different levels of the editing process.

I am very satisfied with Dr. Karon’s work. Maybe most noteworthy, he clearly understood the content of the article, which is not at all self-evident and was very helpful. I accepted practically all of his changes to the article.

I contracted Dr. Jeff Karon to copy edit my doctoral dissertation on philosophy and ethics. Not only was the quality of his work outstanding, his enthusiasm about creative writing and his encouragement carried me through very difficult times at the end of my program. I truly appreciated his comments and suggestions, many of which I will continue to work with as I am preparing a manuscript from my dissertation to be published as a book. Without reservation, Dr. Karon has my highest recommendations. He showed me how beautiful written language can be and reinvigorated in me the writing spirit that I had nearly lost in the strategic aspects of the dissertation process. It was a perfect fit both in terms of the topic and personality.

Holly is a great editing consultant. I was impressed and interested in working with her from the very moment I read her bios, works and testimony from other scholars around the world. My proposal was completed even before the submission date. She really took her time to point out areas of improvement. I will surely refer her to all my colleagues.

Holly was exceptional!  Her responsiveness and attentiveness to my written requirements was truly commendable.  The challenges of completing a comprehensive dissertation can be overwhelming; however, soliciting the quality skills and services such as those provided by Holly are worth the expense.Words simply cannot express how much the assistance provided by Holly benefited me in this advanced studies process.

My paper’s numerous and long citations had to be transformed from meeting MLA specifications to meeting those of The Chicago Manual of Style. Holly exceeded my high expectations; she did a complete, accurate, and all-around fabulous, job, within the requested timeframe.  I received great value for my money.

For me, looking for a copyeditor to work on my book–which was the result of four years of intense research–was not a matter that I could take lightly. My work was a rather special case, as it dealt with very different subjects, such as science and technology, medicine, drug discovery and development, business management and public policy. So, it was very difficult to find (and trust) someone who would feel comfortably enough working in this particular book and who would do the job well. In addition to this, the copyeditor needed to deal with the fact that the book deals with a controversial subject matter, namely the high cost of medicines, and was not written by a native English speaker, but by someone who came from a different culture with very different values. Then, Lynda Lotman, from the Book Editing Associates network, recommended Holly. In the beginning, I was very hesitant to hire Holly’s services, because I had not spoken with her in person, despite the fact that I was very impressed with her credentials and presentation. But once I spoke with her over the phone, I just ‘felt’ that she was the right person to work with…and I was not mistaken! Holly did an excellent job with my book, and helped me to make it a finer work. There were passages in the book that seemed too long, and I was afraid the reader would get lost, but Holly helped me solve this problem by inserting some headings and polishing up some long paragraphs. She also made some very important criticisms (and suggestions) as a reader, which helped me to transmit to the reader what I wanted to say in a much clearer and effective manner. She also helped me greatly with the book proposal and was very patient and helpful throughout the process. I cannot but speak very highly about Holly’s work and her outstanding skills and professionalism. I will certainly be very happy to hire her services in the future and recommend her to anyone. As Ms. Lotman said: Holly is the whole package!

Holly was professional and very easy to work with. Thanks for hooking me up with her.

Excellent and detailed – the work and explanation was done timely and on a professional level – a job well worth it and the knowledge and expertise was valued highly.

Excellent communication. Work returned quickly. Editing thorough and easy to understand. Have already recommended the network to a student needing an editor for her dissertation.

Hiring a professional to do this work was one of the most difficult processes I have encountered in a long time. I usually find it fairly easy to hire for professional services, but this was a new experience. Along the way, I had people say they knew APA, and probably believed they did, but made such errors as revising all the verbs to present tense on a sample edit. Holly was a true professional from the outset and remained that way through the project. We probably exchanged less than 5 emails through the process, and my project was completed. If you are an overwhelmed student who needs professional assistance in preparing your manuscript, definitely contact Holly. She delivered professional work, but most important was that she understood my needs as a novice client. Holly produced what I needed even though I was not sure of the exact services required. Thank you.

I cannot thank you enough for Holly. We had an 83,000 word book that needed technical formatting in an extremely short time frame. Even though Holly was in the midst of other projects, she not only provided the formatting, but copyedited two important chapters as well. Our publisher insisted the book strictly conform to Chicago Manual V15, and within minutes of our first conversation, it was clear that Holly practically knew the style guide by heart. Her work was impeccable and everything came back early. I wish I had found her a month earlier so she could have copyedited the entire book. I cannot say enough about her editing skills and customer service.

Holly delivered on every deadline and on every part of my MBA Capstone needs. (This was for Pepperdine University, Malibu, CA.) She is the 2nd editor I used on this project and the difference was night and day. She was fantastic and I appreciate everything she did for me.

Holly was wonderful! I had a very quick deadline and she worked with me to finish the project within the period I needed. She made the tables and figures in my document look great and made some excellent suggestions in my writing. I am very pleased with this service.

Holly was FANTASTIC. She was SO thorough and submitted everything back to me earlier than I needed it! Even after she was done with the edit, I had some questions, and she was very speedy in her responses. I appreciate that she took time to answer my questions. She really went above and beyond! My paper not only needed to follow APA guidelines, but my university had guidelines as well. She did both perfectly.

Like any other scholar, I was very reluctant to say ‘I need help,’ and I needed help! My scientific paper needed reorganization and editing, and I was having a lot of problems. I was very impressed with Holly from the first moment. She presented a physics equation in such a natural way that I thought she had a Ph.D. in physics; I thought she was reviewing my paper and checking the math! Holly exceeded my expectations of the client-provider relationship, and she took care of the most important things such as maintaining meaning in the context of the paragraphs and elegance in presentation with easy flow, while developing the composition. I can go on and on, but I only want to say that I certainly will use Holly’s services in the future.

Holly is a consummate professional. My project involved the editing and formatting of a submission for an academic journal. It was completed almost 3 weeks ahead of my original schedule! Great editing skills, and a thorough knowledge of style requirements. It’s refreshing to find someone who does quality work like this. Thanks, Holly!

Prof. Collins was very helpful. He answered questions and emails promptly. He was thorough and detailed in his explanations.

I was extremely satisfied by Prof. Collins. I send him my draft and he helped me to structure the thesis and gave me very pertinent advices. He reviewed what I have written until that moment and coached me in writing what was left. From the moment I was in contact with the professor I had a great feeling of being supported by a very competent professional. Before knowing Prof Collins, writing the dissertation was a stressful process and made me feel very anxious; after starting to collaborate with Prof. Collins, writing the dissertation became a pleasant adventure. We had regular contact by e-mail (I live in Europe) and I was impressed how available he was, answering to all my questions very promptly, helping me to advance. I really needed a frequent contact because it was an ongoing process; I appreciated a lot he was following my tempo in order to respect the deadline. I got an A with distinction for my Master Dissertation. I am so thankful to Prof. Collins. One month ago, I was invited to give a lecture on my dissertation to students attending the same Master I completed 1 year ago.

Christine was a terrific editor—she helped with organization, editing, and with my Serbo-Croatian and Italian translations. I was very fortunate to find someone with her expertise—she made the last grueling stages of this process more bearable.

Chris is amazing!! She is supportive and kind. She gently kept me focused and on track. She put herself inside my head to beautifully articulate some of my hard to follow sentences. She advised me where I needed to be consistent, how to strengthen my work, where my gaps were and what I needed to do to bring it all into alignment. She responded quickly when I sent her work. She is the reason I completed my dissertation. I highly recommend her to everyone and I would definitely use her again for business or creative writing. She is wonderful to work with and I will miss her.

I am humbled by the scientific editorial support that I have received from Christine. She has restructured my manuscript and helped me to strengthen my arguments for ‘internal consistency’. In addition, she asked for additional data to complete the evaluation process, but more important, her skillful use of language allowed me to tell my story in a scholarly way. I will always request her services and encourage others to do the same. I thank God for Christine. Moreover, her compassion for her work and people comes through. I’m requesting that my name and affiliation not be disclosed at this time. Please know, she has taught me the value of an editor who is committed to serving mankind through her work. While my organization does not permit the use of its name, you are welcome to post my comments (but do not use my name at this time.) and refer others to my email address.

This past week, I was under immense pressure to meet an end of the semester deadline with my dissertation committee to schedule a prospectus hearing. I needed someone to read my work and provide feedback in a VERY short time frame. Dr. Tomei was extremely timely in her initial responses and willingness to help me in such a short timeframe. We worked through TWO edits of a 63 page document in less than 48 hours! Not only did Dr. Tomei edit the ‘basic’ grammatical structure of my writing, she challenged me to explore my topic further to develop a deeper level of understanding. She took the time to discuss with me (via email) the true meaning of the construct I am measuring. This further exploration of the topic enabled me to strengthen my rationale for my study and prepare for the prospectus hearing. She did a superb job editing all three chapters — the introduction, literature review and methodology section. I must admit, I have never hired an editor before and this experience turned out to be MORE than I ever expected! Not only did Dr. Tomei work tirelessly to meet every deadline, she has guided me through a challenging process. I am more prepared for my proposal meeting based upon my work with Dr. Tomei. Looking back on this experience, I don’t think I would have arrived at this same understanding (and written draft of my work) without her! I am thankful for her help and look forward to working with her to finish my dissertation! Thank you!

Dr. Tomei’s advising is the kind every student dreams of – incisive, challenging and ultimately transforming. Although my initial request was for help paring down my focus, I soon realized that under Dr. Tomei’s tutelage I had the chance to expand my creative vision. I came away with a document that has redefined my research and opened new doors in my academic career. In fact, consulting with her was more of a turbo course re-examining my field, while her invaluable insights and pithy wit buoyed my spirits at critical junctures. I am deeply grateful for this opportunity. The brainstorming and rewrite process was also tremendous fun, in large part due to Dr. Tome’s remarkably refined analysis of a client’s style and objectives and deft cultivation of their skills. The depth and range of her expertise is staggering, and even as my project moved toward exigent reevaluation and a time crunch, her compassionate instruction inspired a growing confidence and trust in the progress rather than a daunting intellectual divide. Dr. Tomei is a rare mentor and incredibly generous with her feedback. Developing and editing my project with her help was always fascinating and provided me with a life-changing awareness. Once again, many thanks, and hope to work with you again!

Excellent feedback and direction in relationship to work submitted.

Chris willingly shares her incisive ability to organize ideas and words to maximize the clarity and impact. She is able to sculpt a raw document in concert with the vision of the author in order to realize a most impressive end product. Writing is a temperamental child often not conforming to the goals of the author for completion within planned parameters. Chris however always met her committed availability schedule and her commitments to return drafts. I never fancied myself much of a writer but, now that my dissertation has been successfully defended I am going on to write a book. This is an adventure I would never have considered had I not been the recipient of a kind of writing support I never knew existed until I experienced Chris’s facility with her professional craft of editing.chri

“Barb, The methodologist stated the proposal is ready to go forward. The content expert approved it two weeks ago. You are my personal “ANGEL” and I thank you from the bottom of my heart. I prayed for help and you came into my life.” George

I am extremely happy with the services I received from Dr. Andrews. She was very patient with me. She explained things in small steps, gave examples, valuable tips, and gave clear instructions. She discovered quickly the challenges I had with my data. She understood that I was a beginner using the SPSS program and the statistic tests. She always had encouraging words to motivate me to go on.

Rebecca was kind and considerate, yet the utmost professional.  Any questions or concerns were answered promptly.  Her expertise and experience is displayed in her work.  I am very satisfied with the outcome of my project and would recommend Dr. Andrews to anyone searching for professional guidance.  If I ever need help with future projects, I will contact her.  I just feel really comfortable working with her.

Dr. Andrews was very professional and patient with me during my tutoring sessions.  She was able to explain the concepts in a way that I understood.  She was very prompt in responding back to my emails.  I would recommend her for anyone who needs assistance in quantitative statistics.

“Victoria was incredibly responsive and helpful, clearly explaining what we needed to do and what she did for us. She was fantastic.”

“Victoria was so helpful. She responded quickly to all of my questions. For example, she assisted me with responding to an IRB question requesting a formal power analysis. With Victoria’s help, I had approval to proceed with my data collection in a matter of hours after I submitted my response.”

“She was absolutely amazing! I was very, very happy with the response time and suggestions Kendra offered. They were always very helpful and professional. My committee was very impressed when I suggested her ideas. I look forward to working with her this summer as I finish my dissertation!”

Barb, My paper has been approved by my committee and it has been sent to URR. Hooray!!!

JUST got off the phone. Predefense completed. no changes and no questions. Approved to move forward subject to formal IRB approval (application submitted 27 Jan.) You rock!

Not sure if I ever thanked you for your assistance….but again, really thank you for all that you do with dissertations, thesis, papers, etc! You were an angel at a time of need. Perhaps an exaggeration, but it definitely felt that way at the time. I just ran across your name in my emails and wanted to let you know that what you do, really does make a difference!

PASSED MY ORAL DEFENSE. I want to express my utmost appreciation to you for all your support and encouragement. There was a time I almost gave up, but for your kind words. Thank you, and thank you in deed. My God will bless you, and all that pertain to you.


“Outstanding! I know that this feels like a huge burden off of your shoulders. Job well done. Congratulations DR. JONES!! – Chair:”

Barb, I graduated, PhD degree awarded, on December 16, 2011. I couldn’t have made it without your help!

Dr. Barb, I have finally been approved to submit my paper to the board for review. Thank you! You have been more of a mentor than the three that I have had.

My dissertation was finally approved! Thanks in large part to your dissertation assistance and encouragement, the NCU OAR finally accepted it. Again, I really want to thank you for all the help. My dissertation is now off to the provost for final review prior to setting up my defense.

Thank you very much for your assistance and guidance. The committee signed off on the dissertation! I very much like the way you engage your students in the thinking process. You are awesome!

Barb, I wanted to say thank you! Because of your great article, I realized that my husband was not ‘stuck’ nor did he have ‘zero options.’ It really was the starting push I needed to help him get through this difficult time. And he did – he graduated on Saturday with his Ph.D. So thank you for emailing me back all those months ago. I truly appreciate your guidance and wisdom.

Barb, OMG! Had to share with you! I know you know this, but this would not have happened if you had not edited this manuscript. Thank you so much for making me look so good:

‘For the first time since I have been involved in the journal, we have a paper that has been considered suitable for publication without changes! The review process is complete now and each reviewer has indicated that they think that your paper is interesting, suitable for publication and can be published without any changes As such, I have pleasure in advising you that your paper has been accepted for publication in Risk Management.’

I submitted my paper and received the comment below from my advisor. You were also helpful in getting my work done properly. Thank you and let’s all celebrate. Here is his comment: ‘I can’t find enough adjectives to express how impressed I am by your paper. Without question, this is the best master’s theses I have ever read, and I have mentored nearly 40 of these by now. May I use this as an example? When do you want to present your work? Again, your work is just excellent!’ My presentation is scheduled for tomorrow!

I am reading my proposal again and I can’t thank you enough for all you have done to help me complete my first 3 chapters. When I first contacted you, I had been at a standstill for over a year because my advisor had rejected my dissertation proposal for the 2nd time and I had to start over again. I had lots of people telling me not to give up but I did not know who to turn to for help. I would sit at my computer then just get up and walk away. In the short time that you have helped me, I have a proposal that my advisor thinks is one of the best he has ever seen. I don’t feel that our work together is done but you are phenomenal and I am so glad that you got me back on track. It is not only your editorial skills that has helped me, it’s also the support and encouragement you have given me along the way.

When I got back last night, I had a message from dear ol’ NCU. The IRB for my research has been accepted and I have permission to proceed! I have already been gathering research of course, and will begin working on Chap. 4. I want to thank you for all your help and encouragement so far!

I passed my oral defense and earned my Master’s degree. I couldn’t have done it without you.

Everything has been closed off and I have formally graduated. No real changes that needed your attention. I just wanted to say a big thank you for all your help and support over this journey. I very much appreciated your help and encouragement. I found your insights invaluable not only in editing my paper but in helping me navigate the complexities of the process.

I can’t tell you how great this experience has been or how much I appreciate the time and personal attention you have shown to me. You happened to come along at a lull in my self confidence, confidence I truly need in order to go out there and keep plugging away. I could feel that you genuinely cared and wished me well. I feel that I have not only gained an editor, but a mentor, teacher, and partner in my future writing success. I never planned on that, but sometimes the best things to come along are the ones we don’t plan. I fully intend on working with you again and would highly recommend you and your services to anyone.

My proposal has been on hold because the research committee chair wanted to push the IRB once more with my proposal as it was. He did it! The IRB chair’s response was: ‘There are certainly no IRB issues at this time.’ Hurray!

I am walking on the clouds. Thanks to you, I have been granted the title, Doctor of Education by Oklahoma State University. Thanks for your wonderful assistance.

Barbara has been extremely supportive and amazing. I can’t imagine life without her. She has saved me so much time and worry. She is a God-send, and I am so appreciative for her support and commitment! She is truly one-of-a-kind!

Dr. Von Diether is an exceptional scholar. Her writing and presentation skills are among the very best I have worked with in over 30 years of college and university teaching and administration. She knows and understands scholarly writing.

My advisor turned down my research proposal for over a year! Then I hired Barbara to edit and advise. The fantastic bonus was the advice about how to manage my advisor! It smoothed a bad relationship, he passed my proposal, and I am now collecting my data!

You were absolutely correct!! My advisor accepted my proposal after I incorporated your changes and recommendations and it is now in the hands of my committee. When I finish Chapters 4 and 5, I will contact you – I very much appreciate your guidance and counsel. It changed a frustrating situation into a success!b

There are a few things in life that elicit the most awesome and overwhelming feelings in a person. Please allow me to share with you a moment in my life worth sharing: Last Monday morning I successfully defended my dissertation and, for the first time, heard those words I’ve been longing to hear: ‘Congratulations Dr. Gomez.’ Barb, I want to thank you for all you did; your expertise, professionalism, and wisdom were instrumental in my achieving this goal.

Hey Barb, I just successfully defended my dissertation. I want to thank you for being a bright light for me at a point when I was down in the dumps and wanting to throw in the towel. You really motivated me with your guidance and great attitude and now that I am done, I just wanted you to be the first person I thanked because your encouragement had a profound impact on me. Thank you for being you

Looks good to me! Again, I am so grateful for your time. You are one-of-a-kind, and a lot more than just an ‘editor’!

I can’t begin to tell you how long I have been stuck in this phase. My time is now running out. I have the utmost respect for my committee, but I strongly feel as though I have received little guidance and it has been very discouraging. I decided to seek outside assistance after speaking to classmates – they informed me that this is what they had to do to get through their programs.

Can you come to my graduation? I’ll send you plane tickets!

Dr. Von Diether was one of our most valued consultants for 12 years because of her ability to teach and the art of writing in business, industry, and government. Her ability to write and/or edit business documents of all kinds for clients was unparalleled among 60 consultants.

Barbara provided an excellent service. I felt that the service was in the form of a partnership with Barbara who offered continuous support and expertise to ensure that we ended up with the best document possible. Her interest and encouragement helped me move through a difficult process in an easy and enjoyable way. She contacted me throughout the process and asked for additional input were she felt it was needed. I have used other service providers before and have found that you send the document to them and it disappears into a black hole later to emerge in a format that clearly shows that the editor had no interest in what they were reading and full of errors.

Barbara clearly understands the needs of the distance-learning student and the problems of working on dissertations with such institutions. She was also willing to work with the requirements of my specific school in relation to the differences in APA format and the schools requirements. I will certainly continue to use her throughout the rest of my dissertation process.

Barbara’s help was incredible!  Her guidance and expertise were a major help in this process!

I have been absolutely thrilled with Barbara.  She has become a tremendous resource for me.  I will recommend her and continue to use her!

I spoke to one individual from the Internet yesterday who professed to be a qualitative expert, but when I began to discuss my potential qualitative methodology with him on the telephone and mentioned ‘phenomenology’, he said ‘What’s that?’ I received a ‘U’ grade for the first concept paper course. I was very impressed that you’d made these very astute observations with only an initial scan for which I’d not paid. I was also very pleased that they were spot-on! You’ve already done more to improve my paper than my dissertation chair has done in six months.

Thank you again for you help and, most importantly, patience. Juggling work, traveling, studies and a personal life is challenging at best and this does mean, at times, that giving complete focus to one area is just not possible. Your understanding with this was greatly appreciated. Despite having quite categorically said that would never study again, am considering applying for some PhD programs and will probably, if possible, consult you again for the initial research proposal. Thanks again, Barbara!

My dissertation was approved and received rave reviews from my chair. He stated that it was one of the best he has seen. The committee loved it too. Thanks again for everything. You gave me the confidence to defend with ease.

“It is with deepest thanks and gratitude  that I let you know that I passed my defense for my creative project. THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU!!”

For the first time since I entered the dissertation process, I felt like someone was able to explain to a level of my understanding. Tom was patient and professional at all times. While the cost was higher than some others, he was certainly less than many others who were not as accommodating during the process.

I found Tom to be professional and knowledgeable about research methods and statistics. Not only did was he easy to contact and responsive to my dissertation research needs, but he also took the time to explain what he was doing and the reasoning behind it. Results were sent promptly and could be inserted into my text with few changes, usable tables and graphs were also provided. I highly recommend Tom to any student needing assistance with their thesis or dissertation research projects.

Tom helped me in the statistical analysis part of my dissertation. He always emailed me the results right on time and then followed up with a phone call explaining all the details. He would talk nice and slow and then asked me if I have any questions on every section before moving on. I would then take my work to my advisor to get his comments and Tom was ready to make any additions or changes to the analysis. I tried to get help from two people somewhere else before I started working with Tom and they could not do the work because they do not have the specific experience that Tom has with PhD dissertations. I would strongly recommend working with him to get timely accurate results.

There comes a time in every dissertation when one is challenged with the ‘so what/ question and were the results ‘significant.’ When I came to that point, after six statistics classes and university faculty assistance-I called upon Tom. His consulting made the difference in knowing ‘what I had’ and ‘what I really had’ (statistically). Yes, I graduated with honors and completed my life long goal and became Dr. Bob. Thank you Tom for what you did for me.

If you are beginning any sort of project with a statistical component, you MUST use this service. Dissertationadvisors.com insured that my dissertation statistics were valid, my charts and graphs looked good and told the appropriate story to a broad audience. I am definitely ‘math challenged’ but after working closely with Dr. Green, I was able to present my findings in a scholarly manner and discuss the numbers in comfort and great detail. I plan to present grant proposals in my new career and I will always, always use Dissertationadvisors.com to work with me on statistical analysis. Once you have benefited from this great assistance, I guarantee that you, too, will see the benefit of working with professional statisticians. Doctoral students, please DO NOT hesitate to confer with them, there is nothing to lose and a doctorate to gain. I cannot recommend them highly enough!!!

I am extremely pleased with Dr. Green’s work. He coached me in the statistics portion of my dissertation as well as advised me in preparation for my orals. He is very thorough and answered all my questions. The wonderful part is he understands the anxiety and emotional stress of the project, he is an expert in the field, and he will describe elements in lay terms to be sure there is complete understanding. Dr. Green’s work I rate at excellent and I would highly recommend him.

I passed with flying colors. Thanks for those outstanding statistical tables and the assistance in the chapter on findings. I appeared to know more about statistics then the committee after your explanations.

This was the best money I’ve ever spent! The work Dr. Michaels did on my thesis helped it get accepted. Thank you, Dr. Michaels.

I am so impressed by Dr. Green’s kindness and professionalism. He was a joy to work with. Not only was he patient with me (a much needed quality when doing statistics!) but also he was always timely and consistent in returning the work. He has the highest ethical standards of anyone I have worked with. I would not have made it through without him

Please let Dr. Michaels know that if it wasn’t for him and his expert advice, I never would have received my Ph.D. He’s amazing. Thank you so much.

Tom was a wonderful support and guided me step by step through the statistical portion of my dissertation. I was always very pleased with how quickly Tom would answer my questions and how fast he was able to give me my statistical information.

Thanks for your HARD work and support! I got an A on my project! I appreciate the quick response and reasonable pricing!

Tom is a lifesaver. With his help I was able to surmount dissertation deadlines I never thought possible. He went above and beyond the call of duty, all the while infusing our interactions with humor and a much needed stance of crisis management. I can’t even begin to convey my gratitude for his outstanding work. The bottom line is I HIGHLY recommend his service, for he gets the job done!

Dr. Michaels was quick with email – very professional and important to me. Did a good job looking over my dissertation and giving suggestions and tips as to how to improve it.

I passed my orals with flying colors. Instead of two hours…. it was 45 minutes and I wowed them with my presentation taking into consideration your great coaching thoughts and direction. Sincere thanks are not near enough but I’m sending them in a big fashion. I did mention that I mentioned you in my acknowledgments in the dissertation and I am very honored that I could do that. I’m thrilled to be finished and moving toward a next step(s).

I cannot thank you enough for everything you have taught me, especially what a strong work ethic and dedication can accomplish.

The sample questions you sent were perfect! I wrote them all out ahead of time, and I glad that I had, because over half of them were asked during the defense, and I was prepared. The defense ended up being 90 minutes long, and difficult. There were detailed questions regarding my data and analysis, and I was able to answer them with confidence, thanks to your careful explanations and your work with me over the phone. Tom, the work you did to assist me in my understanding of the data was great, but the real help for me was your belief in my ability to carry it out, and your encouragement to me when I had tunnel vision. Assisting a military spouse during 12 months of deployment and a war was no easy task; I can’t begin to due justice to your commitment to helping me. I actually hope to work with you again for another degree in the future…when this one is paid off…

Thank you for so willingly giving of your time and knowledge. Please know that the gifts you give of yourself do not go unnoticed.

Tom, I wish my professors throughout my Master’s course were as clear as you in explaining statistics. I had all this data in front of me and wasn’t sure what to do with it. Your patience and clarity in assisting me with what tests to utilize, how to analyze the results and how to present my findings were invaluable. Even though I live across the country from you, you were accommodating to my schedule, always on time, and enthusiastic. In short, you translated in perfect English this foreign language otherwise knows as Stats. Expect to hear from me soon… I am on the path to my Doctorate.

You are an amazing professor and wonderful person. Because of your lectures, I decided to major in sociology in grad school. Thank you.

Thank you for being the best and most personable professors I’ve had in my lifetime. I have learned more from witnessing your character and hearing you speak than I could ever learn from a book.

It has been a pleasure to have had the privilege to be taught by someone so humble and knowledgeable.

You have truly touched the lives of every one of my players in the most positive manner. Our respect for you as a teacher and academic advisor is unlimited. Thank you for everything you’ve done for our team.

Tom is an invaluable resource for anyone working on a thesis or dissertation. He is knowledgeable, personable, and willing to accommodate the varying needs of those seeking his assistance. Most important in my experience, was Tom’s skill in communicating his knowledge of statistics and research methodology in a way that I could easily understand. He assisted me through each stage of analyzing my dissertation data and his contribution facilitated my timely graduation. I am thankful for his patience and I highly recommend his expert and professional services.

Tom hasn’t met a survey or statistic that he could not master. In my case, I decided to do a survey and tabulate my results with SPPS 10 and make tables for my dissertations. Thankfully, Tom was there to guide me through the entire process. He expertly helped me formulate survey questions. He deftly tabulated the results of my survey and provided me with in-depth tables and comprehensive descriptive narrative to use in my Quantitative chapter of my dissertation. He didn’t stop there however. He also patiently explained all of the results of this survey to me so I could successfully defend this chapter to my committee. Thanks to Tom, my dissertation defense went smoothly and I, a hopeless ‘statistics challenged’ graduate student was finally able to attain my Ph.D.

I do appreciate all of your help with my statistics. Most of all, I appreciate the time you took one-on-one to help me learn to run my own stats and to understand SPSS. I feel as if I’ve had a one person tutorial which allowed me to continue on my own. I can pick up other projects with confidence now and I can figure out how to run analyses that we didn’t do together. So I am a VERY satisfied customer.

Tom really did a great job of making the complex understandable. He guided me through the data analysis process, helping me to work with my committee members to be sure that the final product would be acceptable at defense. Tom’s constant encouragement was a lifeline for me during this phase of the project.

Tom Green’s expertise was invaluable in the completion of my Master’s thesis. When I contacted Tom, I was struggling with basic statistical concepts. Tom patiently and thoroughly taught me what I needed to know to complete the study and to be able to present and discuss the statistical methods with my thesis committee. In addition, he provided much needed advice and support through out the entire process. I will definitely contact him when it is time for my Dissertation.

The deadline to complete my dissertation was not measured in months or weeks, but in hours. As a direct result of Dr. Green’s effort, I am now employed as a Correctional, Clinical Psychologist. God Bless.

Thank you for your nice revision. It was very helpful for me. There were subtle differences between the two versions – yours and mine – and I liked them.

My experience with Dr. Green was great. Although we were on opposite coasts, our communication was excellent. We used e-mail, telephone appointments fax and Fed Ex. He gathered information, conducted the analysis and then spent time discussing the data analysis section. I highly recommend his services.

Dr. Gerard’s recommendations were very useful and helpful. I am very happy with Dr. Gerard’s work and I highly recommend her to everyone.

Tom’s performance and contribution to my research has been critically important and essential to the completion of my dissertation. He has helped give my research focus and form. The skill level that he possesses is of the highest caliber. I was stalled and intimidated by the magnitude of the numbers, he got me back on track and ultimately successful completing my research and dissertation. He would take all calls and emails with seriousness and speed. Often we would conduct weekly phone calls to discuss and review progress. He arranged and coordinated additional resources to execute a web based questionnaire. He was never shy of reluctant to rewrite, change, or modify anything if it leads to better results. He also worked fast and efficient which helped keep the cost down. I can, and do recommend with the highest degree of conviction, Tom to anyone needing help with the statistical analysis and methodology. I am so satisfied with his work and investment into the project that I intend to use Tom other business based projects in the future.

Dr. Val Gerard was extremely helpful and was really in tune with what I wanted. Her comments on my article are precise and informative. Will definitely ask for her service if I need help with manuscripts or grant proposals.

It was a pleasure working with Rebecca. I particularly appreciated her flexibility in scheduling meetings, her promptness in responding to my statistical questions, and her assistance with conducting sophisticated analyses related to my thesis project.

Val, thank you SO much! I just met with my advisor to discuss this paper and am feeling much better about it, thanks to your tremendous help. I have to make some updates based on his feedback, which are primarily additions to the study intros & discussions and technical changes to the analyses, so I’m happy too that none of your work will be wasted. I wish I had collaborators like you! I’m surprised and pleased to be working with someone who’s fast, meticulous, and so honest in keeping track of time and letting me know that the project came in under budget. And thank you again for getting this done so quickly – I’m thoroughly impressed.

Rebecca provided me with invaluable technical, statistical support and training for my dissertation. She challenged my thinking, conducted flawless analytical work, and made me a stronger quantitative researcher. Rebecca’s mastery of statistics and different modeling and analytical techniques made solving complex data challenges easy and manageable.  She was 100 percent reliable, thoughtful, understanding, and engaged. She often re-arranged her schedule to meet last-minute dissertation deadlines. Even though Rebecca was not a formal member of my dissertation committee, I consider her my most active member. I am certain that by working with Rebecca, I saved about 6 months of time.

Dr. Gerard help was the key for the success of my PhD thesis. She right away picked up my writing flaws and worked with me so I could understand the right way to write. Also, her suggestions about structure and comprehension were right on the mark. My committee was very impressed with the quality of the work presented and I have already recommended Dr. Gerard work to some of my colleagues.

Dr. DiMare is rare in that she can work across disciplines.  She draws from her vast personal and professional experiences to formulate plans and present creative solutions, recommendations for content, assessment, and analysis. She is outstanding and I highly recommend her.

I am very grateful to you Val, I was devastated when my Masters passed internal assessment and then failed the external review. I was thinking of abandoning the Masters but then found the website. With your help I kept going and my tutor has just emailed back saying it has not only passed but been awarded a distinction! I owe this to you over and over, I would have given up but you just kept pushing me on.

Debra skillfully guided me through the formal processes of dissertation phase so I could remain focused on my research. Her expertise in qualitative methodology was invaluable. While I was writing my proposal, Debra was quick to respond to my questions about the introduction, literature review, and methodology. She then edited my proposal draft, giving the necessary attention to detail required to attain committee and Institutional Review Board approval on my first submission so I could begin data collection on schedule. After I completed the writing up of research findings, Debra edited and formatted my dissertation for presentation to the university for final publication. It is a pleasure to now refer my graduate students to her for editing and style formatting services.

M.Sc. in Medical Education, UK, 2009

Debra Fisher’s capabilities as a research/technical writer, educator, and editor enable her to work with information and material that is either highly conceptual in nature or practical in application. She provided consultation to Canyon Institute for Advanced Studies and Grand Canyon University in the areas of research writing, instructional design, and educational outreach while supporting Institute scholars and University faculty members. Debra’s professional commitment to excellence at every level of service is a hallmark of her work.

Very professional and timely. I am very satisfied with the level of service I received.

Exceptional writing ability is a blend of innate talent and fastidiously refined skill. With Deb for a writing consultant, I have benefited from both the art and craft of her natural abilities and professional commitment to excellence. Not only is she an insightful visionary who perceives the completed project as it takes shape, she exemplifies the best in teacher as coach, guiding progress toward the author’s desired goals. She possesses exceptional communication skills, a wealth of knowledge about educational theories and practices, and a work ethic that places a high priority on the quality and timeliness of service. In short, she delivers with the utmost integrity.

Val provided timely and professional service. Her background in science and experience in writing make her an expert in editing science journal paper drafts. She spotted those awkward/confusing words, sentences, and paragraphs right away and rewrote/rearranged them in a much more concise and clearer way. She is a very nice person and gave general advice about writing as well. I hope I am richer so I can get more help from her (we poor scientists :-)).